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Part of my HND course is my DVD, which is actually my graded unit.. My graded unit also ties in with my web presence which is actually where this blog comes in… Anyway, creating a DVD interface is one thing, but what I really want to do is create a DVD interface that’s simple but it makes people wants to look at it.

I did this before by creating a DVD menu with my sunset images

The nice images were the first draft but they didn’t move so it wasn’t entertaining enough.

Then I got the Hurt Locker on DVD and the menu blew me away. If you watch the hurt locker you will see all the high speed footage they got. Well the menu is basically still images or high speed footage that’s rotoscoped and then turned from 2D in to 3D layers and the layers are spread apart in Z space to give a 3D look.

Basically in English it’s like moving through a scene that’s frozen in time. I decided to mimic this effect for my DVD by using screens from my latest film RECON.

Still a work in progress but you get the idea.. Still keeping the Information page with the sunsets but hopefully I’ll be able to turn those in to a virtual 3D photo as well

The main idea is to create a menu that people want to watch… I found myself watching the Hurt Locker DVD menu a few times and skipping to different sections to see different video. That’s what really inspired me, the fact that the DVD menu kept you watching it. I want to create a DVD menu that will keep people watching too.

Other than that I still want to keep the menu simple.. Very simple titles and very simple layout so it’s easy to navigate but the video is what will make it interesting


I’ve been over colour in a previous post saying how important it is, I didn’t get in to colour too much I’m leaving that til later and until I have time. Just quickly I’ve been editing some footage to go on my show reel for my university application and I came across so footage I shot and the colour is completely off, so I thought I would share some tips on how to correct it in After Effects using a method that I always use
Other people use different methods, I do this, I like the control I have and I love the way I go about grading the footage so yeah. This will also help you with that film look and show you how to restrict your pallet.

Very quick tutorial though because I’m just going to the gym, good times!
Here we go, the original footage in After Effects

As you can see the red is extremely ugly, very quickly you can get rid of this.
There are a few ways to do this, the way I did it here was quickly add Magic Bullet Colorista

  1. Push the highlights towards blue
  2. Push the mid tones towards blue / green
  3. push the dark tones towards green

You can see how much I did in the example below (look at the colour wheel on the left and look at the difference it makes

Another way of doing this would be just to add a blue filter over it… Perhaps a blue solid, change the opacity value and fiddle with the blending modes you would get a quick fix.. Or you could use Colour correction > Curves.. and fiddle with the red and blue values

Or you could even use Magic Bullet Look Suite and select the preset “Berlin” which is a nice blue shade and it would colour the footage well and give you a lot of control but this way’s pretty fast and it’s adequate for what I want to do here

But it’s still quite ugly because her face is very red, a handy trick I’ve been taught by other tutorials is to restrict your colour pallet… What I’m doing here isn’t so much restricting it. Usually with this term it would be like getting rid of an annoying colour that draws attention away from the video… Here I just want to slacked the reds off a little

  1. Effects > Colour Correction > Hue & Saturation
  2. Place it ABOVE all of your effects (This is very important!!)
  3. Click the drop down box and select the red (or just highlight the red area (so that the only colour we’re effecting is the red channel)
  4. Then de-saturate the red channel… This is a visual thing, depending on your footage the values will be different.. you just have to play around with this

There we go, a little bit better… Perhaps a little too heavy on the green but it takes fiddling with.. You push the colours around until you get the look you want. Here the colours are quite saturated, quite Michael Bay esque, very heavy in the shadows very saturated.. I’m more of a bleach bypass kind of guy but I like this look too.

It looks a lot better than the original, it still needs some work but this is enough to get you started, these colour correction and grading techniques are extremely handy… Especially Hue and Saturation which is extremely simple but incredibly powerful when making movies or just correcting footage!

Famous Kanye West quote but ironically I actually hail his music video for “Welcome to Heartbreak” as one of the best music videos I’ve seen.
First couple of times I didn’t really like it but it has flow, and for something so wildly ugly it pulls it off amazingly well.

It’s great for one of the reasons it can be interpretated as ugly or as beautiful. It’s a wash of visual FX that in a way play tricks on your mind and create illusions in parts, it’s really well done.

Another couple of great music videos

I’ve recreated the Lovestoned effect in Adobe After Effects.. I did a remake in November 2007 when I was an NC student. I may upload the video I may not. I might actually revisit the lovestoned effect with After Effects CS3 and see if I can pull off the effect better than I previously did

Looking back it at it, pretty good for the time but I could really do with an updated version since that was 3 years ago.

Tom Petty – Running down a dream, always been one of my favourite music videos, ever since I was a kid


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