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This DVD showreel is coming along a storm.. I’ve spent the last 8 hours creating an intro for my DVD and I’ve just finished creating my DVD interface.. well the first draft of my DVD interface.. check it out

I’m pretty happy with them so far.. keeping it simple, keeping it clean and good looking, I do have a lot of projects though so I might need a couple of pages for that



Which is a pretty bleak title, but that’s the sub title for a book my Grandpa once wrote. My Grandpa who’s now dying in hospital, I’m not sure of the magnitude of his illness but I know his stomach is wrecked and the surgeons can’t operate.
I mostly feel for my dad, my dad that has always taught me work over family… Even though I teach myself family over work always.

Reason I’m mentioning work is because this is right in the middle of my final college year, and I have a MASSIVE out of college project I’m directing. A documentary about Dame Kelly Holmes and her Legacy Trust, she’s the 2 time olympic gold medalist with a pretty unique story… Anyway, it’s a big deal.. It’s a big deal that I may drop… Shoot day is next week, shoot days are very limited, it means traveling to London, I live in Edinburgh so it’s a very long way.

On top of this I have a college deadline 2 days after filming this Kelly Holmes documentary. It’s a deadline that’s going to be tight if I go to London.

This Kelly Holmes thing, is a big deal, everyone recognises this as a big deal. Everyone asks me how I managed to get a hold of Kelly Holmes, how I did this and making it out to be a very special opertunity (which I realise it is)

Where do my principals lay, with my work or family. Although I haven’t seen my Grandpa in about 4 or 5 years I’m still sad because of the news my brother gave me.
My dad taught me work is pretty much the way of life, then again I didn’t see too much of him because he worked weird hours, so I’m inclined to do the opposite of what he sees. I’m more of a family supportive person, I’d hate myself if I did let work take priority ESPECIALLY over a big deal like a family members death.

I’m on the fence about doing this Kelly Holmes documentary, the more I think about it the less I want to go to London.
I ask myself questions like do I really need this documentary or do I want to do it simply because it impresses people. This documentary IS without a doubt a question of want, I don’t need it, it’s not essential to anything or anyone it would be purely for my CV to say I’ve directed a documentary about DKH Legacy Trust. For that reason alone family takes priority.

But, and this is a big big but, maybe I’m being a bit lazy about this at the moment. After everything that’s just happened, is happening and is going to happen it seems so over bearing and maybe I’m just trying to push things off my plate and dismiss them so I have an easier time handling everything else.

I face a bit of a tricky road ahead, but I’m really on the fence about this documentary. I’m not my father or my Grandfather, I don’t follow the work > family principal… and I would hate myself if I fell in to the same category

I try to enjoy these quite moments before the shit hits the fan.

Right now, I’m stuck in a situation where I’m fully knowing the consequences of my actions are going to be very bad. The trouble here is, it’s about 4 problems all laying on top of each other and all are like a time bomb that is going to explode all at the same time.

Knowing what’s ahead is quite relaxing, I’m not stressed (yet) but I know I will be and I will be tested over the course of next week.

My actions aren’t unjust. My actions are morally correct. I help others but it means I have to bite the bullet.

One instance of this is today.. My friend who’s an 18 year old Iranian girl got attacked by 2 guys when walking to college because her bus was late. She ended up being an hour late for class, she walks in and the tutor makes a narky comment about her lateness obviously her blood boiled and she walked out. I met up with her later to discover all this. We went up town but when I’m trying to teach her swear words she discovers she lost her phone. It was a trip to the bus station and phoning drivers to check for items but found nothing.
She’s incredibly optimistic and tries to smile saying so I took her to the carphone warehouse and bought her a £25 phone… I did look REALLY cheap to the service man when I said “what’s the cheapest phone you have?” anyway, she’s really pleased with the phone but this is about the £25 I spent

It’s the last of my cash, I’m already on my over draft to the maximum because of buying camera equipment to help with my college work but the ironic thing is, I need £15 of that to pay to film a hockey game. The shoot deadline is over a week away, hockey game on Tuesday, no money means no filming means I haven’t done any work

If I believed in Karma, I would think because of a good deed my life would sort itself out. But I don’t believe in Karma, which is ashame but I don’t regret what I did.
My friend was having an awful day, but how do you weigh this kind of thing???
It was a bit of a no brainer weighing this out, my friend had a crazy bad day and she needed to be cheered up. It worked and I felt good about it even knowing in the future it’s going to give me some trouble.

I don’t want this blog to go on too long but this stuff is almost impossible to weigh, I can only really think about the “now”. Massive problems can arise from minor confrontations, a big problem could arrise from not going to this hockey game. Then again the out come of my actions might not be severe.

I have a few other implications all with their own little timers, one includes seeing my dad who I haven’t spoken to in a long time. Another involves the Ministry of Defence and something I’m stressing out about just now is my university application form.

Everything will be sorted out next week. This time next week there shouldn’t be a burden (I hope) but sometime in between now and then is going to be tough

Possible title for a documentary I might be working on.

I’m sure most people know about Dame Kelly Holmes? The 2 time Olympic Gold Medallist for Great Britain? I’ve been talking with her executive assistant and media contacts at her trust about a short documentary. Which is pretty exciting for me.

Couple of months ago I was on board with the Ministry of Defence on a video project. It’s important to up the ante with projects. I mean to really push the envelope of the work you’ve been set out to do.

Anyway back on to the Kelly Holmes documentary, it’s still in discussion right now but I’m preparing myself by writing script outlines. Ideas usually being the most important process of film making, you have to get it right at the pre-production writing stage or everything after will fall flat.

Not saying too much about it right now because I’m not actually sure what angle this documentary will finally go in and I don’t want to tell people what the documentaries going to be about because right now it’s just speculation. I can tell you that it’s about Dame Kelly Holme’s Legacy Trust. In case you didn’t know she’s heavily involved with charity work.

(The title “Running down a dream” came about as a possible name for the documentary, since Kelly Holmes is a runner and yeah.. well you get the idea)

Anyway, when this doc does eventually kick off, expect more blog posts about the documentary and experiences with it.

On another note, I’m currently filming an Ice Hockey documentary with the Edinburgh Capitals. I’ve got some cool photos and videos I’ll put up later.

It’s about time I set up a blog. For those that don’t know me, I’m a 20 year old Scottish / Russian film student living in rainy Scotland.

So yeah, that makes this a film student blog

I’ve been made a top contributor on yahoo answers (in movies section) so I found myself repeating a lot of the same things over again. It would be a good idea to share information through a blog.

Usual things people share

  • useful film making info
  • experiences
  • tutorials
  • views on film
  • movies!
  • equipment
  • techniques – from pre production – production – post
  • and technology
  • my life and things I like… my blog, so yeah

Tutorials really came about being hounded on youtube for After Effects work. I’m not a visual FX artist but I do work in After Effects but tutorials seems like a good idea. Just gotta find time.

First blog post is really just an explanation of why I’m here, what I plan on doing.

Info that I’m sharing is helpful, it’s info I’ve learnt from the top film makers. I’m still learning new things myself, but the info that I have is useful to people. Point of view is usually common sense… I hate pessimism in arrogant film students and critics, so I might rant a little… sometimes but it’s for the “greater good”.


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