Because the banking situation is a pain in the ass my paypal still works flawlessly, I’m not the type to sit still so I’ve reordered props from a different airsoft shop… But could be soon running in to some big problems considering items are being shipped from Hong Kong…

Problems again as being alone against the clock. Likewise I’m extremely worried about the time it will take to get through customes and the price. The nature of my film’s action, I need action props I’ve mostly ordered clothing off this site, night vision goggles, rifle scope and helmet. Some of the most important things but if I can’t get them on time I have to start thinking about a plan C

Plan C being I have to put my sniper script on hold until the summer holidays and film a completely different easier film just to pass my college course.

Ambition is something that’s got me in to trouble a lot this year, it’s something you gamble with and if it pays off you come out miles ahead, if it doesn’t it can screw up everything. Since December I’ve had some pretty bad luck with my ambition. The problem with it is you have to rely on other people that don’t share the same ambition or enthusiasm as you do and they or other factors (like the bank, shipping etc) also put a hold on your production and can screw things up. So it doesn’t always pay off.

I’ll be EXTREMELY frustrated if I have to go to plan C… mainly because of the time I’ve put in to my film and the fact I’ve spent over £700 just for the props and I might not even be able to film it as a college project. The thought is severely worrying.

Just in case worst comes to worst and I can’t actually film it I’m writing a short script just now, a really short drama that will be really easy to film just so I can pass my course.