Could be experiencing a massive set back with my film. Something that’s holding up my film production is RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland), and it’s holding my production up on a monumental scale! I have no idea what they’re doing I have £400 available for buying these props but the payments aren’t going through.. I’ve made 3 recent payments, none of which are showing up on my bank statements, one of them is a paypal payment on vital pieces of clothing that’s pending.

Making student films you’re on a ridiculously tight schedule (since it’s supposed to be easy and small scale) everything has to be completed by the end of April, which seems like a long time but when you’re actually filming something the scale of my project it’s really not.

No props no film is the bottom line, I have no idea what’s going on but I hope it’s cleared up soon. There’s also another product on the list of things I bought that isn’t related to my film but considering my psychological mindset towards it, it’s something I can’t live without and missing it makes me seriously depressed so I hope my packages come tomorrow and I seriously hope there was no problem with RBS and I hope it’s all just postal workers being lazy because they just had their Easter holiday.. Being the only holiday I actually hate