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so I had my new script and had prop complications, then I wrote a new script about a security guard fighting chavs… people instantly thought Harry Brown but it’s much more based on DEAD MANS SHOES.. The script was too violent and too much work for the time I have… So my new scripts underway but here are some shots from “The Security guard with a baseball bat that kills chavs film” (because it was untitled)

T.S.G.W.A.B.B.T.K.C film is set in a film noir kind of city that has been inspired by the GAME Max Payne. An action Film Noir about a serial killer security guard

Also thinking about using it as my “projects” screen on my DVD menu

Keep an eye out for more soon


Kind of feel like addressing some things that get on my nerves because there seems to be a serious lack of thought in the criticism that “books are better than films and films are better than theatre”. Likewise between movie remakes, that movies shouldn’t be remade for what ever pretentious reason.

Not going to hang on these rants though since I’ve got loads to do today and I’ve discovered that I’m in a REALLY ranty mood right now.

One of the faily obvious things about movies and books is that they’re completely different, and they’re completely different mediums. Like films and games movies are adaptations of books. Likewise theatre, theatre a bit like books is much more based on the spoken word where movies are greatly based on actions instead of words. When adapting a book to a movie, the movie might even completely rely on how well it’s been adapted, for example if Alexander Mackendrick had adapted a book I’m sure he’s one of the very few that could actually pull it off.

I’m bias about this obviously, but sharing some of what I know so people actually know why books and movies are different. I’m dyslexic, I’m also a film student.. obviously I like movies better because I really dislike reading novels.. As much as I would like to enjoy reading I can’t. Doesn’t mean I’m not creative or don’t have an imagination which are often criticism for films vs books. I make movies, I have a really creative mind.

I just read a book and feel nothing, movies are a mixture of moving images combined with sounds and great composed music… I’m a massive fan of composed music so when they put a great classical track over meaningful moving images it’s so much more moving than a book could ever be.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though.

anything to increase productivity is a bonus, I would do anything you can just to increase your work productivity. Doing work quickly and efficently is really important, reason I bought a small laptop.

Incase you haven’t been there already, get on ebay, the amount of items I’ve found that help with my films on ebay are uncountable, there’s thousands of products I could buy and use. Some people are still under the impression ebay isn’t safe or worried about getting a cheap product, but all you have to do is check seller feedback.

Anyhoo, got this tiny laptop off ebay for £120, I really just need it for a quick internet connection and to run my script writing programs + microsoft word, etc so I can do all my film paper work.

Part of my HND course is my DVD, which is actually my graded unit.. My graded unit also ties in with my web presence which is actually where this blog comes in… Anyway, creating a DVD interface is one thing, but what I really want to do is create a DVD interface that’s simple but it makes people wants to look at it.

I did this before by creating a DVD menu with my sunset images

The nice images were the first draft but they didn’t move so it wasn’t entertaining enough.

Then I got the Hurt Locker on DVD and the menu blew me away. If you watch the hurt locker you will see all the high speed footage they got. Well the menu is basically still images or high speed footage that’s rotoscoped and then turned from 2D in to 3D layers and the layers are spread apart in Z space to give a 3D look.

Basically in English it’s like moving through a scene that’s frozen in time. I decided to mimic this effect for my DVD by using screens from my latest film RECON.

Still a work in progress but you get the idea.. Still keeping the Information page with the sunsets but hopefully I’ll be able to turn those in to a virtual 3D photo as well

The main idea is to create a menu that people want to watch… I found myself watching the Hurt Locker DVD menu a few times and skipping to different sections to see different video. That’s what really inspired me, the fact that the DVD menu kept you watching it. I want to create a DVD menu that will keep people watching too.

Other than that I still want to keep the menu simple.. Very simple titles and very simple layout so it’s easy to navigate but the video is what will make it interesting

Because the banking situation is a pain in the ass my paypal still works flawlessly, I’m not the type to sit still so I’ve reordered props from a different airsoft shop… But could be soon running in to some big problems considering items are being shipped from Hong Kong…

Problems again as being alone against the clock. Likewise I’m extremely worried about the time it will take to get through customes and the price. The nature of my film’s action, I need action props I’ve mostly ordered clothing off this site, night vision goggles, rifle scope and helmet. Some of the most important things but if I can’t get them on time I have to start thinking about a plan C

Plan C being I have to put my sniper script on hold until the summer holidays and film a completely different easier film just to pass my college course.

Ambition is something that’s got me in to trouble a lot this year, it’s something you gamble with and if it pays off you come out miles ahead, if it doesn’t it can screw up everything. Since December I’ve had some pretty bad luck with my ambition. The problem with it is you have to rely on other people that don’t share the same ambition or enthusiasm as you do and they or other factors (like the bank, shipping etc) also put a hold on your production and can screw things up. So it doesn’t always pay off.

I’ll be EXTREMELY frustrated if I have to go to plan C… mainly because of the time I’ve put in to my film and the fact I’ve spent over £700 just for the props and I might not even be able to film it as a college project. The thought is severely worrying.

Just in case worst comes to worst and I can’t actually film it I’m writing a short script just now, a really short drama that will be really easy to film just so I can pass my course.

Could be experiencing a massive set back with my film. Something that’s holding up my film production is RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland), and it’s holding my production up on a monumental scale! I have no idea what they’re doing I have £400 available for buying these props but the payments aren’t going through.. I’ve made 3 recent payments, none of which are showing up on my bank statements, one of them is a paypal payment on vital pieces of clothing that’s pending.

Making student films you’re on a ridiculously tight schedule (since it’s supposed to be easy and small scale) everything has to be completed by the end of April, which seems like a long time but when you’re actually filming something the scale of my project it’s really not.

No props no film is the bottom line, I have no idea what’s going on but I hope it’s cleared up soon. There’s also another product on the list of things I bought that isn’t related to my film but considering my psychological mindset towards it, it’s something I can’t live without and missing it makes me seriously depressed so I hope my packages come tomorrow and I seriously hope there was no problem with RBS and I hope it’s all just postal workers being lazy because they just had their Easter holiday.. Being the only holiday I actually hate

quick post because I’m a busy student and got things to do…

You may or may not know my knew film’s being filmed in 2 – 3 weeks so just now I’m running tests with all the props and looking for the style of the movie. This also proves useful with other college work I have… I’m making a DVD and wanted a cool DVD interface, if you have The Hurt Locker on DVD you know the DVD menu is AWESOME! so I’m copying that look… These screens are TESTS for my film, but being used in my DVD menu

Anyhoo, this being my big end of year film, I’ve spend a massive amount of money on props and costumes because I really want to try and reach a broadcast quality that you don’t find in student films (especially student action movies)




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