Recently watched a video selling a DVD about how to sucseed in your interviews…

No idea how much they were selling it for… while the info given in the sample I watched was good info it was common sense… “be confident”, “don’t be negative about other employers or people you worked with”.

All this info I’ve heard before, even the product shot of the DVD includes titles like “negotiating salaries” the DVD will tell you never to mention a number, always wait for the interviewer to say a number first.. divert questions if he asks, do anything just as long as you don’t be the first to say a number..

I know this because ALL this info from this DVD comes directly out of something I’ve read in the past, something actually taught by my tutor… Although it’s all true, the information this DVD gives is available for FREE online. Can’t remember what the guys name is but there’s a buisness man that did publish all this stuff.

What really annoys me about this DVD is the info it gives is worded almost exactly the same.. they could have at least had a little play on words to atleast make it sound different. Instead of “be confident” (which is also probably one of the most obvious things) they could have said don’t be shy, don’t hold back.. Be fearless! Trust yourself, be self-sufficient, be positive.. which is my way of ripping it directly from the DVD.. it’s exactly the same, worded differently

I’m not saying the info on the DVD is bad, it’s fantastic information (from what I’ve seen) but a lot of it is common sense and a lot of what I saw was taught to me from another source (can’t remember what it’s called though)

I mean the main point here is look out for these Sheep in Wolf clothing… it’s good info, but it’s been compiled by a group of people that really just want to take money out of your pocket so it’s far from the best. I would actually tend to avoid DVDs… Books are far more sufficient and adequate to get you the info you need easily. I don’t think I’d be fooled in to thinking a DVD is better than a book.. ebook maybe better, but DVDs are very linear and they’re really just shallow with no real depth.. Chances are if this DVD was adapted in to a book it would fill up about 10 pages.. Where as proper books about this subject would give you over 100 pages of detailed explanations and examples.

Sometimes you get DVDs or audio CDs that accompany books, these are great because it provides you with a bonus.. just these DVDs claiming to give you knowledge are just shallow. They will give you so much less..

*This doesn’t just apply for interview techniques, perhaps the most I’ve seen and the biggest scams come in the form of fitness DVDs, the majority of the info is already online… the majority of the info is already in books, DVDs are a waste unless they’re a bonus